PrePackaged Diet

Developing a fear of obesity, and setting people up to “diet” with standardized packaged meals as opposed to simply educating as to how to eat better and less is setting people up to fail - Susan Yager

PrePackaged Diet

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Pre-Packed Foods for Weight Loss: The Good, the Pretty Good and the Very, Very Ugly

Straight out: I hate prepared, packaged food. Not just packaged but frozen food. I’d rather eat fresh food out of the garbage in New York City before I eat packaged food that can linger in your fridge for two years.

Is it unrealistic to live life unpackaged in this way? Do pre-packaged food weight-loss delivery systems — Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watcher, The South Beat Diet, etc. — have a role in today’s society? Such plans mean instant success ... NOT!

Sure: Fatter, bigger and more, more, more. This is the concept of crowd eating. Super-size me at McDonald’s, Burger King, Sam’s Club or Costco. Go into any restaurant and you will see the humongous serving sizes…

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