Vegan and athlete don’t seem like they should go together, but a lot of people are surprised to find that plant-based eating improves their performance - Matt Frazier


image by: Brendan Brazier

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Some Athletes Are Trading Meat Protein for Bananas

The image of vegans as limp-wristed, hemp-wearing sissies is long-gone. Some athletes are now forgoing meat as a protein source altogether, preferring to get their power from plants. We spoke to a world champion freerunner who swapped steaks for ten...

Picture an athlete's diet and you'd be forgiven for imagining towering edifices of eggs, whey shakes, and meat. Maybe even steaks from the arse of a zebra.

You can't get python-esqe arms and a washboard stomach from munching leaves, can you? Athletes need protein and tonnes of it. Those muscles need feeding. That's why carnivores continue to kick ass while the vegans stand on the sidelines sipping lentil soup from polystyrene…

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Last Updated : Saturday, February 15, 2020