Mediterranean Diet

Ultimately, we need to acknowledge that in the places around the world where diets are the healthiest, such as the Blue Zones, it’s not because doctors are giving good counseling – it’s because good food is the prevailing norm - Dr. David L Katz

Mediterranean Diet

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The Mediterranean Diet Manifesto

There are numerous diets out there to choose. Some good, some not so good. Some are man-made and some have been traditionally followed for years. One of those diets that has stood the test of time, has been followed by real people and has the research to support it, is the Mediterranean diet. A non-restricting diet associated with numerous health benefits. And while it is a specific way of eating, it is also a way of living.

The problem is how do you follow a Mediterranean diet? What is the Mediterranean diet? Most likely you may have read that it is not a specific diet or from a specific country. Guidelines given often have nothing to do with the diet. Articles have suggested eating…

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