Low Fat Diet

Of course, you can’t pig out on high-fat foods all day every day and expect to stay slim and healthy. But for far too long, people took low-fat to an unhealthy extreme - Melaina Juntti

Low Fat Diet

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The Truth About Fat In Your Diet

Eating fat makes you fat, right? If this is what you think, you’re wrong. But it’s not your fault — it’s probably what you were led to believe. 

Actually, unsaturated fats, like those found in plant-based oils, nuts and fatty fish, are good for you because they help protect you from heart disease, help you maintain a healthy weight and even have some superficial benefits for your skin and hair. But there’s a lot of confusion out there about the role dietary fat plays in our lives, and it’s no wonder we’re mixed up about it.

The History

Starting around 1980, top nutrition experts and the federal government advised all Americans to dramatically cut back on dietary fat…

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