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Matt’s experience with a Weight Loss program

Ok, I admit, I’ve never been on a weight loss program. But a recent trip to Lindora with my dad and wife, Jaime, opened my eyes to these types of programs (e.g. Jenny Craig, Slim Fast…are they still around?). My dad signed up for Lindora’s 10-week program earlier this year, with an emphasis on a structured meal plan, shed 15-20 lbs and lower his cholesterol. Side note: my dad was told he was obese at 6’6″, 235 lbs when he first walked into their clinic. This perked the ears of Jaime and I. And kept me awake last night for easily over an hour…I took this personally.

I hopped online to use Lindora’s BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator, which they use to gauge if you are of a “healthy weight”.…

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