Keto Diet

Keto diet may not be as healthy as some nutritionists and influencers want you to believe - Chloe Taylor

Keto Diet

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The Truth About the Ketogenic Diet

  • Keto is Low Carb, Moderate Protein, High Healthy Fat
  • Keto is not the Atkins Diet. Atkins is HIGH protein. Keto is Moderate protein
  • A well-formulated keto plan does not incorporate high quantities of the following: packaged “keto” snacks, pork rinds, cured meats like salami, animal fat from foods like bacon, canned meat like spam or Vienna sausage, cheese or dairy

I first started researching the ketogenic diet over 4 years ago. Back then, I was about 4 years behind the early-adopters. There was a lot of speculation about it being a “fad diet,” another diet that’ll have its hay day then disappear. For those of us who really did…

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 The Truth About the Ketogenic Diet

It’s become increasingly important to understand that there are many ways to do keto wrong. I teach my patients to do “clean keto.” Clean keto includes a variety of proteins, almost all vegetables, limited quantities of fruits with less sugar, and plant-based healthy fats over animal fat.

Healthful Pursuit

Nutrition educator + keto enthusiast. I want to live in a world where every woman loves her body, nourishing fats are enjoyed at every meal, and the word “restriction” isn’t in the dictionary.

I Breathe I'm Hungry

My name is Mellissa Sevigny, and I use my culinary powers for good here at IBIH by creating delicious and satisfying low carb & keto recipes. If you’re looking to lose weight, feel amazing, AND eat some of the best food you’ve ever tasted – you’ve come to the right place.


We are a keto couple based out of Atlanta living a low carb, high fat life. Follow us if you are looking for keto recipes, vlogs, and community.


KetoGasm is a website devoted to helping women start and sustain a ketogenic lifestyle while encouraging body positivity.

Meat Free Keto

Low carb vegan keto recipes and information!

No Bun Please

Let me take all the hard work out of the keto diet for you! Hundreds of women are experiencing the same struggle you’re going through right now.

It's our goal at make things easy. From information to guides on how it all works, we've covered all of the common questions (and misconceptions) about the ketogenic diet.

Ditch The Carbs

DTC is so much more than a website, it is support, inspiration, articles , testimonials, the latest research and of course recipes to plan your weekly meals.

Essential Keto

Live an energetic Keto fueled life.

Everything Keto

Blog from Kettle & Fire, the first (and only) shelf-stable bone broth company. All broth made from organically raised, grass-fed cattle.

Go Keto with Casey

My passion is talking and writing about the ketogenic diet and it's life-changing potential. I want to share how I lost weight, improved health and regained control of my life. And you can, too!

Kamp Keto

Kamp Keto is Black Rock City's first theme camp devoted to the healthy Ketogenic lifestyle. We'll be dispensing tips and plenty of no carb Margaritas!

Keto Dash System

The Keto Dash System follows the principles of the Ketogenic Diet and takes all of the guesswork out of having to figure out what to do on your own. No more lonely and confusing diets.

Keto Fit Diet

Welcome to the Keto Fit Diet. We have been in the weight loss industry for over 10 years now and have gone through every possible thread of research combined with clinical studies and our background in the healthcare industry in order to create the most successful weight loss method available

Keto in Pearls

I LOVE keto and want to help others start the journey! I hope you find delicious and healthy recipes, advice, resources, & encouragement when you're here!

Ketogenic Forums

Welcome to Ketogenic Forums - a place where ALL are welcome to explore the science and share personal experiments, recipes, successes, failures, goals, dreams, humor, and anything else related to the use of a well-formulated ketogenic diet; including fasting.

Ketogenic Woman

My ketogenic journey to lose 100 pounds.

This site is dedicated to spreading the word of a healthy ketogenic lifestyle. A ketogenic lifestyle is the best way to lose weight and reclaim your health. Ketogenic people are smarter, funnier, better looking, and more popular than their unfortunate counterparts. That’s just science.

Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto is your ultimate resource for making the low-carb or keto lifestyle easier and more effective.

The Keto Prescription

No expensive pre-packaged meals, bars, or shakes. Just real food with lots of education and support. That’s our promise to you.

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