Keto Diet

Keto diet may not be as healthy as some nutritionists and influencers want you to believe - Chloe Taylor

Keto Diet

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The Truth About the Ketogenic Diet

  • Keto is Low Carb, Moderate Protein, High Healthy Fat
  • Keto is not the Atkins Diet. Atkins is HIGH protein. Keto is Moderate protein
  • A well-formulated keto plan does not incorporate high quantities of the following: packaged “keto” snacks, pork rinds, cured meats like salami, animal fat from foods like bacon, canned meat like spam or Vienna sausage, cheese or dairy

I first started researching the ketogenic diet over 4 years ago. Back then, I was about 4 years behind the early-adopters. There was a lot of speculation about it being a “fad diet,” another diet that’ll have its hay day then disappear. For those of us who really did…

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