High Carb Diet

The ‘80s were all about reducing fat. In the ‘90s, carbs became the new culprit. But it takes a combination of protein, plants, and fat to either lose weight or maintain a healthy one - Olga Khazan

High Carb Diet

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Carbs: A Love Story

People sometimes describe themselves as lusting passionately for baked goods. (I.e. “Omg I am obsessed with cake pops!”)

Well, recent nutrition news serves as somewhat of a Modern Love column for eaters of bagels, cookies, and (my personal favorite) a Finnish pastry that consists of rice stuffed inside of bread. People who are in a relationship with carbohydrates should quit worrying, these new studies seemed to say. Your romance may have suffered some upswings and doldrums—some weight-gain here, a disastrous Atkins attempt there—but it ends on a hopeful note. The relationship may not always be easy, but that doesn't mean you have to end it.

The first sign that you and your…

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