Bulletproof Diet

Eat mostly plants, do some exercise, don't smoke, and don't drink too much. These recommendations have survived study after study, and worked for generations of people all over the world. They're pretty much bulletproof - Julia Belluz

Bulletproof Diet
Bulletproof Diet

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The Bulletproof Diet is everything wrong with eating in America

When I first heard about the Bulletproof Diet — the "revolutionary" plan for weight loss — I tried to turn a blind eye. I really did.

But then, there were rumblings around the newsroom. "My Silicon Valley Facebook friends are posting about it a lot," said one colleague. Another wanted to know whether there was any science to the claims that butter-laden coffee could actually help achieve a new level of mental clarity. When the "cult" turned up in the New York Times, my editor said we should be writing about it, too.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about diet and, unsurprisingly, came to Bulletproof with a skeptical eye. But even I was blown away by how science-y it is. The…

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 The Bulletproof Diet is everything wrong with eating in America

Bulletproof is basically a very low-carb, Paleolithic diet that emphasizes fat.


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