As I searched for food perfection, and as I gained weight, I began to realize that the race for perfection in anything was the path to destruction - Rachael Rose Steil


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Don’t waste your time finding the perfect diet

Here’s my message. If you are looking for the one true diet, caveat emptor.

While we can safely say that diet is important and a strong determinant of health, there is no one diet that has the corner on perfection. In fact, history shows that strict adherence to specific diets does not guarantee the avoidance of medical disaster, no matter how much one believes. Since this is so obviously true, we all need to be careful about those who claim to represent the one true path.

Nathan Pritikin founded an institute based on his beliefs about a diet that was high in natural foods and very low in fat. This diet is similar to the diet that Dr. Dean Ornish advocates today. While…

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