Sparkling Water

There is a unique enjoyment that comes from guzzling carbonated water. The tingling sensation of the bubbles in one's throat feels like soft drinks, beer, or Champagne, but without their nasty health effects - Nick Rose

Sparkling Water

image by: Spindrift Sparkling Water

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Is Carbonated Water Just as Healthy as Still Water?

There’s still water and then there’s what my 4-year-old calls “spicy water,” better known as seltzer or sparkling water. Crisp, bubbly and effervescent, carbonated water has become a daily ritual for many and a growing segment of the beverage industry....

For those who crave it, carbonated water offers a sensory experience that flat water cannot: There’s the satisfying snap as you pull back the tab on the can. The sound of the fizz as you unscrew the bottle cap to pour yourself a glass. The tingly sensation as the beverage hits your tongue, sometimes with a hint of “natural” flavor.

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