Coconut Water

There’s a seismic change happening in the beverage world, and companies like Coke and Pepsi are having a very hard time adjusting . Lots of people want healthier drinks - Cyrus Schwartz

Coconut Water

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Coconut Water Changes Its Claims

When coconut water broke into the American market 10 years ago, it was billed as a miracle drink able to fight viruses, kidney disease and other ailments like osteoporosis. Global sales now reach $400 million a year, and many consumers believe that the beverage has a wide variety of health benefits. But they may be unaware that the drink’s marketers have sharply scaled back their claims.

Not to be confused with coconut milk (the milky-white liquid made from coconut meat), coconut water is the clear fluid from young, still-green coconuts, packaged in angular Tetra Paks, as well as in bottles and faux coconut shells.

The flavor is an unusual mix of salty and sweet. The typical…

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Last Updated : Saturday, May 5, 2018