Do alkaline water's health claims hold water or do the benefits simply favor the maker over the drinker - James L Jones


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Alkaline Water: Healthy Elixir?


Much had been written by investigators on ionized water and alkalinized water and the facts were sometimes seemingly blurred or confusing. As I was researching the topic I had recalled other magic water claims over the years.  The water memory experiments that claimed a glass of water could remember the concentrations of chemicals in it even after the jar had been emptied.  This was a justification for homeopathic dosages of medicine.

Magnetic water was the rage for a few years.  It was claimed to be softer and to have healing properties. Polywater, where the molecules of water were polymerized…

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 Alkaline Water: Healthy Elixir?

Do alkaline water's health claims hold water or do the benefits simply favor the maker over the drinker?

Alka Power

Through extensive research and development, we have successfully created an All Natural Ionic Calcium Alkaline water that produces a stable 9-10 pH . Our patented filtration and infused calcium system delivers pure ionic calcium alkaline water that tastes great while it hydrates better and faster than typical filtered or bottled water.


Alkalife is a natural, dietary supplement that plays an important part in keeping your body free from acid waste buildup. Alkalife pH boosters are the foundation of an alkaline diet lifestyle. Just a few drops of Alkalife turns ordinary drinking water into high pH alkaline water.


A balanced life starts with balanced hydration.

Discover the amazing world of alkaline water!


The ultimate way to good health.


Essentia’s super hydrating water™ has the best available pH at 9.5 to help facilitate your healthy, active lifestyle. So go on, drink to a healthy, happy, hydrated you!

Health Alkaline

Super hydrate YOU with premium alkaline water ionizers! Transform your tap water to clean, healthy alkaline ionized water.

Icelandic Glacial

Icelandic Glacial is among the purest bottled waters in the industry with a TDS level of just 62 parts per million (PPM). Icelandic Glacial also features an uncommonly high, naturally occurring alkaline pH level of 8.4.

Kangen Water

From the very first time you try Kangen water,you'll immediately experience the difference it makes.

Real Water

Through a proprietary process called the Electron Energized or E² Technology®, Real Water® has figured out how to stabilize and maintain the negative (-) Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Did you know that most water you drink may actually be damaging your health?


The way Nature intended water to be.


VYVwater performs like a sports drink without the sugar, calories or additives. Our rapid hydrating formula is non-bloating and enhanced with electrolytes, allowing you to train harder and longer. VYVwater's optimal pH properties combat lactic acid build up which means faster recovery times, reduced cramping, and better overall performance.

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