Yerba Mate

Sharing a mate is a reason to talk, to have a chat. Here, it's like drinking a coffee; you drink it to have a chat, among friends - Rosa

Yerba Mate

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A Haughty Rant Against Argentina’s National Drink

Cinthia Solange Dhers is a 53-year-old surgeon who recently bought an apartment in Nordelta, a gated community in one of the most upscale areas of Buenos Aires. But the neighborhood didn’t live up to her high standards, and she shared her disappointment with a friend in a voice message that ended up online.

She complained in the message that her neighbors talked too loudly and didn’t put their dogs on leashes. They did not share her “moral aesthetics.” She did not expect to find “beasts, with no education, who yell and drink mate like they would at Bristol beach in Mar del Plata.”

It was Dr. Dhers’s reference to her new neighbors’ mate-drinking habits that touched…

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