Soy Milk

There's no such thing as soy milk. It's soy juice - Lewis Black

Soy Milk
Soy Milk

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Cows or Beans

First, a disclosure: The Green Lantern can't really stomach lactose and rarely drinks milk. But he isn't too keen on the taste of soy milk, either, so consider him a neutral arbiter when he concludes that soy is the somewhat more eco-conscious choice. That said, it's not easy to compare the two products:

Soy milk may be packaged and marketed as a substitute for dairy, but environmentally speaking, it's a very different product. Start with the basics: The calcium in soy milk has to be artificially added, and you won't get anything remotely looking like milk from soy until you've ground up the beans; removed a fiber the Japanese call okara; and added water, vitamins, minerals, and…

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 Cows or Beans

Which is the better source for milk?

American Soybean Association

Increase market opportunities and value for U.S. soybean farmers. We achieve this through domestic and international policy advocacy, based on direction set by farmer members. Our efforts are guided by our commitment to produce food, feed and energy in an environmentally sustainable manner.


Silk believes in the goodness (and good-for-you-ness) of plant-based foods. Our soymilk, almondmilk, coconutmilk and other delicious products are simple, wholesome and nourishing, just as nature intended.

Soy Info Center

To be the world's leading source of information on soy, especially soyfoods, new industrial uses, and history, in electronic database, online and printed book formats.

Soyfoods Association of North America

The Soyfoods Association of North America represents a diverse group united to increase consumption of soy-based foods and beverages.


Making nutritious, tasty plant-based foods and beverages is our heritage. And as we move forward, exploring innovative ways to provide you with better products, we will always stay true to these values.

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