Even the dairy industry recognizes that milk is not essential to health. They can’t counter that fact. Their comeback is that milk and milk products are the most convenient form of calcium. But that argument doesn’t hold anymore - Alissa Hamilton


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Once and For All, Full-Fat Dairy is Good For You

It's a question every cheese-lover has considered: Is my dairy habit unhealthy? Do I really have to buy that gross low-fat cheese to ward off an early demise?

There's no doubt that dairy products can be good for your overall wellbeing. Milk, cheese, and yogurt, for instance, provide calcium and vitamin D, which are critical for the body's normal function. You can get these vitamins elsewhere, either from other foods like fish and leafy vegetables or from supplements, but "not that many foods that are as nutrient-dense as dairy, lean meat, or eggs," says Connie Weaver, a professor of nutrition science at Purdue University.

But delicious dairy isn't without health risks.…

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