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Is Climate Change Coming to Your Coffee Cup?

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Most likely it was a cup of 'Morning Joe'. Many of us need our "caffeine fix" to jolt us awake and it only takes about 10 minutes for the so-called "caffeine rush" to set in and get one started for the day.

Research suggests that there may be hidden benefits besides that caffeine fix. A landmark study released in 2012 concluded that coffee may be been linked to a number of potential health benefits, including protection against cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes.

So, before you go by 'Starbucks' or pop in the pod, here's some suggestions from Jim's Organic Coffee on how to brew great coffee at home.


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 Is Climate Change Coming to Your Coffee Cup?

The planet is warming, and the effects are being felt far and wide. But a new one may hit so close to home that by the end of the century the daily life of the average American will never be the same.

Bean Box

Our mission is to bring caffeinated delight and the world's finest artisan coffees to our customers in every Bean Box. Seattle is the world capital for amazing, locally-roasted, authentic coffee experiences. You can’t go a hundred yards without finding a coffee shop that treats a cup of coffee like a form of art. The presentation, aroma, and taste combine to create a unique experience we believe is worth sharing.

Coffee Bean Direct

Coffee Bean Direct is a dedicated gourmet coffee roaster, not a middleman. What sets us apart is that we price our coffee and tea products at wholesale price levels by default, regardless of quantity or destination.


Founded in 1993, is the world's largest online gourmet coffee & tea company. We roast, blend, and flavor all of our own coffees as well as blend and create our own line of gourmet teas.

Jim's Organic Coffee

To provide the highest quality organic coffee we can find, while honoring the integrity of the farms and farmers, and ensuring that our standards are met year after year.

Allegro Coffee

Allegro Coffee Company has remained focused, continuing to perfect the time-honored, artisanal traditions that make our coffee the most flavorful you can find. We want every cup of Allegro coffee to be close-your-eyes good and invite you to fill a cup.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Deliciousness, Hospitality, Sustainability. Usually in that order.


We want great coffee to be revered, yet democratic, approachable and accessible. By illuminating what is possible with coffee, we hope to change forever how you think about it. And that would be something.

Kalani Organica

We began Kalani Organica in the spring of 1992 with a few bags of premium organic coffee and a dream of creating an ecologically sound alternative for discerning coffee drinkers. Since coffee was becoming one of the world's most environmentally destructive crops we sought alternatives and found growers who used sustainable, shade-grown, and organic methods of coffee farming.

Pura Vida

Pura Vida uses the highest quality, triple-seal-certified coffee -- Fair Trade, organic, and shade grown.

Puroast Coffee

Puroast Coffee Company, Inc. has developed, and has been selling since November 2005, Puroast Low Acid Coffee, a breakthrough product that combines great taste with 50% less acid.

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