Alcohol Intoxication

Any alcohol when consumed in enough of a quantity can be toxic - Ian Bodford MD

Alcohol Intoxication
Alcohol Intoxication

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Testing the Limits of Tipsy

How much alcohol does it take to get intoxicated?

Many people figure a few beers at a ballgame or a couple of glasses of wine with dinner won't put them over the legal limit for driving. But how alcohol affects people is highly individual, with a number of factors in the mix. Quick shots of liquor hit the bloodstream faster than slow sips of wine. Drinking on an empty stomach impairs reflexes more than consuming alcohol with food. And women and older drinkers generally hit legal intoxication levels sooner than men and younger people.

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 Testing the Limits of Tipsy

Drinkers who think they can tell when they've had enough are very often wrong. "Alcohol can affect your reflexes even if you feel fine," says Samir Zakhari, director of the division of metabolism and health effects at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

6 Stages of Alcohol Intoxication: How Dangerous Is Too Much?

It is a temporary condition that comes with both physical and behavioral changes. It results from the consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol within a relatively brief time. When one consumes alcohol at a faster rate than their body can metabolize it, they become intoxicated.

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