The vine of souls, as ayahuasca is known, is not for everyone - Alexander Zaitchik


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Curious About Drinking Ayahuasca? Read This First!

Curious about ayahuasca?

With a name that literally means “the vine of death,” this Amazonian brew is not a simple recreational psychedelic trip, so be warned about that reality from the start. Although ayahuasca does induce vivid and colorful visions that can be breathtakingly beautiful and lead to incredibly meaningful insights, it’s also often an intense experience, not just mentally, but physically as well.

I remember one particular ayahuasca ceremony about six years ago in the jungle, just outside of the Amazonian metropolis of Iquitos, Peru, when my stomach was churning like a washing machine as my mind dipped in and out of dark memories that I hadn’t thought about in…

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