Before you hop on the adaptogen bandwagon, get acquainted with the little we know about them—and the very much that we don't - Melinda Wenner Moyer


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Adaptogens, the mysterious herbs that supposedly alleviate your stress, explained

Recently, while talking to the New York Times, a marijuana company called CBD the “Bitcoin” of the wellness world. But here is a counterproposal: Adaptogens are actually the cryptocurrency of the wellness world.

Sure, CBD is a bizarrely opaque “miracle” treatment, but many people have some idea what it is, or at least know that it’s a derivative of cannabis. Adaptogens are just as mysterious as CBD or the cryptocurrency Ethereum, and the high-minded promises driving their sales are similarly wild and overreaching. Heck, adaptogen names even sound like crypto names: eleuthero, schisandra, rhodiola.

Broadly speaking, adaptogens are a class of herbal and plant ingredients…

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 Adaptogens, the mysterious herbs that supposedly alleviate your stress, explained

Adaptogenic dusts, oils, and pills have a veneer of science, but there’s not much evidence to back them up.

Adaptogen Supplement

The Best Adaptogen Supplement Reviews and Advice... The market is saturated with natural and artificial dietary supplements. Some are designed for stress, others for eating disorders, and yet others for sexual disorders, and so on...

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