Detox Diet

Cleansing diets trade on this most alluring idea: By limiting our intake of food to a few superpure items, we can free up the body to get rid of all the gunk accumulated in our cells. There's only one problem with the idea of using food, or a lack thereof, to detox: Medical experts say it's baloney - Eliza Barclay

Detox Diet

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Detox Diets & Cleansing: Facts & Fallacies

The scientific community is in agreement – detox diets and cleanses don’t work. According to a review published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics(opens in new tab), there is very little clinical evidence that they can deliver on their promises. It’s true that some studies have shown that certain food compounds may be able to boost liver detoxification processes, but they’ve been mostly done on animals, so it's difficult to translate these findings to humans.

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