Vomiting in Children

Green vomit is a surgical emergency - Dr. Tim Horeczko

Vomiting in Children

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PEM Playbook – Vomiting in the Young Child: Nothing or Nightmare

In the young child, vomiting is the great imitator: gastrointestinal, neurologic, metabolic, respiratory, renal, infectious, endocrine, toxin-related, even behavioral. To help us organize, below is a review of can’t-miss diagnoses by age.

The Neonate: Malrotation with Volvulus

In children with malrotation, 50% present within the first month of life, with the majority occurring in the first week after birth. Approximately 90% of children with malrotation with volvulus will present by one year of age. This is a pre-verbal child’s disease – which makes it even more of a challenge to recognize quickly.

The sequence of events usually is fussiness,…

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