Adult Stem Cells

Because so much of human disease is genetic in origin, and because stem cells loom larger all the time in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, stem cells will change the practice of medicine forever - Leo Furcht and William Hoffman

Adult Stem Cells
Adult Stem Cells

image by: Cell Surgical Network.

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The Healer

Shinya Yamanaka, a scientist at Kyoto University, loved stem-cell research. But he didn’t want to destroy embryos. So he figured out a way around the problem... Yamanaka and six colleagues showed how “induced pluripotent stem cells” could be derived from adult cells and potentially substituted, in research and therapy, for embryonic stem cells.

… that discovery earned him a Nobel Prize, shared with British scientist John Gurdon. But the prize announcement and much of the media coverage missed half the story. Yamanaka’s venture wasn’t just an experiment. It was a moral project.

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 The Healer

How Shinya Yamanaka transformed the stem-cell war and made everyone a winner.

Adult Stem Cell Foundation

The Adult Stem Cell Foundation''s Mission is to provide information on products and services related to the role that Adult Stem Cells play in helping manage and prevent degenerative diseases.

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