Cellular Health

We are all cells in the same body of humanity - Peace Pilgrim

Cellular Health

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What is cellular health?

The human body is a biological wonder with trillions of cells working together to sustain life. Each cell within the body carries out a small job and when these small jobs are compounded by all the other cells you get a living human that can walk, talk, think, and live. With so many cells, it only makes sense to organize the human body in some capacity.

The most basic organization of the human body is into its components that increase in complexity and specificity as you go up the levels of organization. At its most basic you have a single cell, and at its most complex, you have an organ system that carries out a specific job.

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 What is cellular health?

Cellular health is a concept that explains how your overall health is dependent on the cells in our body and how they are functioning. This includes ensuring cells get adequate nutrients, are protected from external stressors and are functioning to their fullest potential.

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