Giant Cell Arteritis

One of the problems with this condition is that very few people are aware of it – often patients don’t realise what their symptoms mean, and even medical professionals have sometimes found it difficult to spot - Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Giant Cell Arteritis

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Getting the Right Care for Painful Autoimmune Conditions

Beth Uffner, an avid tennis player, developed an aching pain first in her legs, then in her shoulders that got progressively worse until she lacked the strength to get out of a chair unaided, let alone play tennis. Faith Sullivan, a novelist, developed a headache so devastating that she could hardly read and had to take a fistful of aspirin to get through a scheduled talk about her books.

Both women were in their mid-70s when they were seized by different but related inflammatory autoimmune conditions — polymyalgia rheumatica in Ms. Uffner, temporal arteritis in Ms. Sullivan. Both disorders can sometimes afflict the same person. And while both are life-inhibiting, giant-cell arteritis…

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