The broad clinical spectrum of aortitis ranges from asymptomatic incidental findings to acute aortic syndrome - Carlos S. Restrepo


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Aortitis – An Interdisciplinary Challenge

The term ‘aortitis’ comprises a heterogeneous spectrum of diseases, with varied etiology and clinical presentations, whose common characteristic is the inflammation of the aortic wall. Since aortitis can mimic almost all common cardiovascular disorders, its clinical recognition remains a challenge. Some cases of aortitis remain undetected for a long time and may be diagnosed after severe life-threatening complications have already arisen. The diagnosis of aortitis is based on the presence of homogeneous circumferential thickening of the aortic wall detected on aortic imaging, or typical histological features in combination with clinical findings and laboratory parameters. Management of aortitis…

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 Aortitis – An Interdisciplinary Challenge

Like no other form of aortopathy, inflammatory diseases of the aorta comprise a broad spectrum of vascular disorders with a wide range of clinical manifestations and heterogeneous etiologies, including infectious aortitis (IA), noninfectious aortitis (NIA), or chronic inflammatory diseases with an aortic involvement (1-3). The broad clinical spectrum of aortitis ranges from asymptomatic incidental findings to acute aortic syndrome.

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Since symptoms and signs associated with aortitis during the initial phase of the disease are unspecific, a high level of diagnostic suspicion is required for an early diagnosis and a timely treatment.

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