Aortic Emergencies

It’s right up there with pulmonary embolism and subarachnoid haemorrhage as diagnoses we hate and sometimes (often) lose sleep over - Iain Beardsell

Aortic Emergencies

image by: Aortic Disease Awareness Week

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AI for Aortic Emergencies: Emergent vs. Elective

We use artificial intelligence (AI) in our everyday life without even knowing it; when we Google the nearest restaurant, ask Siri about the weather today, or as we scroll through social media on our phones. But what if AI could be applied to life-threatening conditions? Dr. Ben Starnes, vascular surgeon at the University of Washington (UW), weighs in on this topic. He suggests that the incorporation of AI into the management of aortic injuries would be revolutionary. AI could help to modernize a system that is clunky and outdated into one that is more efficient and proactive rather than reactive

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 AI for Aortic Emergencies: Emergent vs. Elective

The current approach to managing aortic emergencies is cumbersome, especially across hospital systems. It requires the careful coordination of physicians who diagnose aortic emergencies, physicians who treat aortic emergencies, multidisciplinary teams involved in patient management, and other intermediaries who ensure smooth patient transfer and access to patient medical records. In emergencies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs have life-saving potential by dramatically reducing the workup time for aortic injury. AI healthcare platforms such as can aid in accurately detecting aortic injuries, rapidly disseminating important information across various health care professionals, and seamlessly coalesce imaging from various healthcare systems into one place for viewing on mobile devices.

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