Parkinson's Disease

The moment I understood this - that my Parkinson's was the one thing I wasn't going to change - I started looking at the things I could change, like the way research is funded - Michael J. Fox

Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson's Disease

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After a Parkinson's Diagnosis, Finding an Outlet

Spend some time alone on an island and you’ll quickly become keenly aware of that kind of harmonious relationship that exists throughout all of life and between all living things. One element affects another, and each benefits from the other as well.

Take for example the leaves of the palm tree and the wind. Without the wind caressing the leaves with its touch the leaves would never dance, and without the outstretched arms of the leaves to grasp at the breeze the wind would have no voice. The symphony of life is music to be enjoyed and it plays daily and for free all around us. But its how it all works in harmony that mesmerizes me. I’ve been keenly…

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 After a Parkinson's Diagnosis, Finding an Outlet

I found myself on this island shortly after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2012. I think to some degree everyone who receives a PD diagnosis or any chronic disease for that matter, receives an island of his or her own as well. The differences from one island to the next tend to be how the individual chooses to use it. For some, their island is a place to turn away from everyone, to maroon themselves in anger and bitterness while others use it as an oasis for growth.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation

As the world’s largest nonprofit funder of Parkinson’s research, The Michael J. Fox Foundation is dedicated to accelerating a cure for Parkinson’s disease and improved therapies for those living with the condition today.


We have a vision of a world in which People with Parkinson’s (PwP’s) are empowered to achieve their best possible quality of life. With this in mind, Move4Parkinson’s provides information and support to PwP’s on how to improve quality of life through self-management.


Get the effective, unobtrusive device that helps people with Parkinson’s to minimize, overcome, and prevent frustrating and debilitating freezing episodes. NexStride discreetly fastens to your cane, walker or walking poles. Its uniquely combined audio and visual cues let you break free of Parkinson's freezing, and start walking again.

Parkinson Canada

Parkinson Society Canada is the national voice of Canadians living with Parkinson’s, a neurodegenerative disease. Through regional partners and 240 chapters and support groups, we provide education, support, and advocacy on behalf of over 100,000 Canadians living with Parkinson’s every day. Funding innovative research helps expand knowledge on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s and will ultimately lead to a cure.

Parkinson Voice Project

To preserve the voices of individuals with Parkinson’s and related neurological disorders through intensive voice therapy, follow up support, research, education, and community awareness.

Parkinson's Foundation

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s, affecting about one million people in the United States and an estimated four million worldwide.

Parkinson's Journey

From my persoanl experiences with PD, these are my stories - my journey. Stories of my own walk, some of others I have met along the way. Stories shared with you, with the purpose of (hopefully) being an encouragement and to bring hope to those walking a similar path and to assure you that... you are not alone.

Parkinson's NSW

To enhance the quality of life of all people living with Parkinson's.

Parkinson's UK

We're the UK's Parkinson's support and research charity. Because we're here, no one has to face Parkinson's alone. - See more at:

Parkinson’s Australia

Parkinson’s Australia’s purpose is : •To increase the capacity of its members to operate efficient and effective services •To influence governments at both state/territory and federal levels to provide a policy environment that is responsive to the needs of people living with Parkinson’s and their service providers.

Parkinson’s Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation makes life better for people with Parkinson’s disease by improving care and advancing research toward a cure. In everything we do, we build on the energy, experience and passion of our global Parkinson’s community.

Parkinson’s Research Foundation

The Parkinson’s Research Foundation sponsors research at leading academic centers in the U.S. The centers are headed by the foremost leaders in Parkinson’s research and were chosen for the high quality of their research programs.

Shake It Up Australia Foundation

Together with our partners The Michael J. Fox Foundation; We are the largest non-government funders of Parkinson’s research across multiple institutes in Australia. It is only through international collaboration that we will find a cure for Parkinson’s.

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust was founded in 2005 by four people with Parkinson's: Sir Richard Nichols, Air Vice Marshal Michael Dicken, Sir David Jones and Tom Isaacs. Their specific aim was to raise money to fund and facilitate research into finding a cure for Parkinson’s. They dared to believe that a cure could be found.

The Journey

Our adventures as we homeschool, travel, and explore our way through life... which was made more scenic by the additions of Asperger's, Early-Onset Parkinson's, and Gluten Intolerance.

About Parkinson's Disease

I established Parkinsons Recovery in 2004 to provide support, information and resources to families with a member currently experiencing the symptoms of Parkinsons.

American Parkinson Disease Association

The American Parkinson Disease Association was founded in 1961 to Ease the Burden - Find the Cure for Parkinson's disease. In that time APDA has raised and awarded more than $86 million to patient services and education and has been a funding partner in most of the major Parkinson’s disease scientific breakthroughs.

Davis Phinney Foundation

While it’s critical to find a cure for Parkinson’s, we feel strongly that people living with this disease also need information and tools to live well today. To support this mission, the Davis Phinney Foundation sponsors programs that provide the information, tools and inspiration that can be used to live well with Parkinson’s today.

Grand Challenges in Parkinson's Disease

Grand Challenges in Parkinson's Disease brings together the world's leading Parkinson's researchers to discuss promising treatments and novel therapies.

International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the most common neurodegenerative cause of parkinsonism, a clinical syndrome characterized by lesions in the basal ganglia, predominantly in the substantia nigra. PD makes up approximately 80% of cases of parkinsonism.

It is What it Is

Zen and living with Paekinsons disease.

Journal of Parkinson's Disease

The Journal of Parkinson's Disease publishes original research in basic science, translational research and clinical medicine in Parkinson’s disease in cooperation with the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. It features a first class Editorial Board and provides rigorous peer review and rapid online publication.


We are a group of scientists and engineers working to develop new technologies to provide proactive care for people with essential tremor and Parkinson's Disease. Seeing our own friends and family suffering has motivated us to create Lift Labs and focus on improving overall quality of life and independence.

Living, Well, with Parkinson's

Yoga for Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorders.

Off and On: The Alaskan Parkinson’s Rag

Welcome to all with an interest in Parkinson's Disease. This blog was to be an information clearinghouse for the Anchorage Parkinson's Disease Support Group, where meeting schedules, agendas, speakers etc could be found. It's still that, but has also become a sort of therapeutic hobby. So I invite you to join in the discussion and experience a little therapy as well.

On Being a Christian With Parkinson's Disease

How a Christian faces life with a Disease.

Shake, Rattle and Roll

An insider's view of Parkinson's Disease and DBS.

Sitting Comfortably?

Avoiding the Subject: Reflections on life without Parkinson's Disease.

Studio Foxhoven

After spending 18 years as a kindergarten teacher, Terri Reinhart has since become an avid practitioner of a whole slew of crafts that range from broom-making to bookbinding. Her blog, Studio Foxhoven, exemplifies how life after a Parkinson’s diagnosis can still be rich and meaningful - Healthline

Walking My Path with Parkinson's

Sharing my life and times dealing with Parkinson's Disease and everything else.


Help revolutionize the way Parkinson's disease is studied. Take an active role in groundbreaking research by mailing in your DNA sample and answering surveys online.


Age is the largest risk factor for the development and progression of Parkinson's disease. Most people who develop Parkinson's disease are older than 60 years years of age.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

At present, there is no cure for PD, but a variety of medications provide dramatic relief from the symptoms. Usually, affected individuals are given levodopa combined with carbidopa


PD mainly develops in people over the age of 50. It becomes more common with increasing age. About 5 in 1,000 people in their 60s, and about 40 in 1,000 people in their 80s have PD. It affects both men and women but is a little more common in men. Rarely, it develops in people under the age of 50.


Featured Research from universities, journals, and other organizations.

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