Brain Stimulation

The research on brain stimulation is advancing so quickly, and the findings are so puzzling, that a reader might feel tempted to simply pre-order a genius cap from Amazon, to make sense of it all later - The Economist

Brain Stimulation

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Crossing the brain’s electrical frontier

The stent is a commonplace miracle. Every year millions of people around the world have their coronary arteries enlarged and reinforced by these life-saving little expandable tubes of mesh. The elect club of those who have had their whole worlds enlarged by “stentrodes”, on the other hand, numbers just three...

The stentrode is not inside the grey matter of the brain, interacting directly with neurons: it remains in the blood vessel. But its electrodes pick up the electrical goings-on around them, and over time the patients can learn how to think thoughts that the computer takes as commands. Used in concert with systems that track eye movements the stentrode allows them to interact…

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  Crossing the brain’s electrical frontier

New ways of getting inside patients’ heads.


Brain stimulation therapies can play a role in treating certain mental disorders. Brain stimulation therapies involve activating or inhibiting the brain directly with electricity. The electricity can be given directly by electrodes implanted in the brain, or noninvasively through electrodes placed on the scalp. The electricity can also be induced by using magnetic fields applied to the head. While these types of therapies are less frequently used than medication and psychotherapies, they hold promise for treating certain mental disorders that do not respond to other treatments.

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