Antibiotics & Factory Farming

Frankly, it reminds me of the tobacco industry, the asbestos industry and the oil industry. We have a long history of industries subverting public health -James Johnson MD

Antibiotics & Factory Farming
Antibiotics & Factory Farming

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How Do Factory Farms Use Antibiotics?

Antibiotic resistance is a major global public health crisis. Over 1.2 million people have died from infections resulting from antibiotic-resistant bacteria, with the number of casualties projected to increase by millions in the coming decades. One of the major drivers of antibiotic resistance is livestock farming. Animals are kept in crowded and often unhygienic conditions that encourage disease, and as a result farms resort to the excessive use of antibiotics to control infection.

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 How Do Factory Farms Use Antibiotics?

New rules from the FDA preventing the use of antibiotics solely to encourage growth in livestock went into effect in 2017, yet use of these drugs on farms remains at a high level. Antibiotics are generally necessary on factory farms to counteract the severe health impacts that stem from living in crowded and dirty conditions. Meanwhile, in the EU antibiotics for the purpose of “compensating for inadequate husbandry or poor hygiene” is illegal.

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