End of Life

Our most cruel failure in how we treat the sick and the aged is the failure to recognise that they have priorities beyond merely being safe and living longer - Atul Gawande

End of Life

image by: St Columba’s Hospice

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Helping Hands

WOULD life still be worth living if you could watch football on television and eat chocolate ice-cream, but not walk, feed yourself or use the bathroom unaided? How much pain would you accept for the chance of a few extra weeks? And how would you use the time you had left if you knew that no such chance remained?

For most people in the developed world, conversations about such topics never take place. Young people remark in passing that they would rather be dead than go into a nursing home; that they do not want to die in hospital; that they do not want a drawn-out, agonising end. The closer that end is, the less it is talked about. The result…

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 Helping Hands

Too many old people in the developed world end their lives in hospital, hooked up to machines and surrounded by strangers. That needs to change.

The Conversation Project

The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.

Compassion & Choices

Compassion & Choices improves care, expands options and empowers everyone to chart their end-of-life journey.

End of Life - thoughts from an MD

Stories about end of life situations I encountered during a 32 year practice in Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine. I try to point out the ethical issues, stresses, successes and failures. There are literature citations but this is a personal, hopefully educational exercise. Please comment!

Good End of Life

This website is intentionally simple. It is designed to help you think about planning your end of life. It focuses on the qualitative aspects of your experience.

Medical Futility Blog

On this blog, Professor Thaddeus Pope tracks judicial, legislative, policy, and academic developments concerning medical futility and the limits on individual autonomy at the end of life.

Not Dead Yet

Not Dead Yet is a national, grassroots disability rights group that opposes legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia as deadly forms of discrimination.

Respecting Choices

Respecting Choices is an internationally recognized, evidence-based advance care planning program that is dramatically different from other programs. Since 2000, Respecting Choices has assisted other organizations in replicating the Respecting Choices model through: 1.Design of key elements that help busy professionals do the right thing 2.Adoption of advance care planning as an ongoing process of communication integrated into the routine of patient-centered care and appropriately staged to the individual’s state of health.

Being with Dying

The Being with Dying professional training program addresses the need for healthcare providers to develop knowledge and skills in the psycho-social, ethical, and spiritual aspects of dying: an approach to caregiving that is relationship-centered, including community development and cross-cultural issues; the development of skills related to care of the caregiver; and the means to implement these skills in traditional medical settings.


Resource from Bioethics.com

Chrysalis End-of-Life Inspirations

The end of life is part of life that we must experience. Let us make the experience a positive one.

Coaching at End of Life

Boldly going where most don't want, but someday, all will


GeriPal (Geriatrics and Palliative care) is a forum for discourse, recent news and research, and freethinking commentary. Our objectives are: 1) to create an online community of interdisciplinary providers interested in geriatrics or palliative care; 2) to provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas and disruptive commentary that changes clinical practice and health care policy; and 3) to change the world. We aim to be inclusive.

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