Winter Olympics

They’re not gonna cancel the Games. They’re gonna blanket this virus as much as possible to control every aspect that they can - Apolo Ohno

Winter Olympics

image by: Global Times

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Sport, politics and Covid collide at the Beijing Winter Olympics

Hosting the Winter Olympics during a pandemic was always going to test the Chinese government, by putting its ever-growing ability to exercise political control and virus containment on a collision course with its enthusiasm for international prestige and status.

The 2022 Winter Games… are being held at a time of particularly intense western criticism of China over human rights abuses, from the mass persecution of Uyghurs in far western Xinjiang – labelled a genocide by the United States – and other groups including Tibetans, to the crushing of Hong Kong’s freedoms.

China denies human rights abuses, but activists have dubbed the gathering in Beijing the “Genocide Games”,…

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Last Updated : Thursday, March 10, 2022