There is no silver bullet for the climate crisis. But we do know one way we can help: Drive less and bike more - John Stout


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First Person: Electric bikes: Should you go for it?

It's been about a year and a half since I bought an electric bike (e-bike). I love the thing. I want to explain the benefits and drawbacks to them so that if you are on the fence about buying one, this might help you better decide.

"Pedal assist”

The assist usually comes in four levels. I use the first level if I'm feeling a little tired or sore. I'll also use it if there's a decent uphill to tackle or a headwind in my face. I might use it when I'm stopped at an intersection and I need to get a little boost to get going from that stationary position. The other three levels come in handy if I'm going up roads with good-sized hills such as Dry Creek or Soda…

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