If we don't end war, war will end us - H. G. Wells


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The World That War Has Made

Let us start, as many do every morning, with a croissant. Yet how many of us know about that familiar pastry’s association with one of history’s pivotal military victories? In 1683, when Habsburg forces outside Vienna defeated an invading Ottoman army, Viennese bakers were said to have celebrated by baking crescents, the symbol of the departing Muslim forces. If that battle had turned out differently, the Ottomans might have dominated the heart of Europe for the next centuries, and the region’s inhabitants would have become largely Muslim. Or consider some more recent examples: Imagine if the Axis powers, not the Allies, had won World War II—or the Soviet Union the Cold War.


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 The World That War Has Made

Armed conflict has long meant tragedy but has also contributed to the emergence of everything from penicillin and highways to universal suffrage and the welfare state

Conflict and Health

Conflict and Health is a highly-accessed, open access journal documenting the public health impacts and responses related to armed conflict, humanitarian crises and forced migration.

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