Sexual Assault & Harassment

Veterans are a forgotten population, victims of sexual assault in the military — and it happens to men, too — are a totally forgotten population, and I want to help change that.- Kirby Dick, director, The Invisible War

Sexual Assault & Harassment

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Arming Our Military Against Sexual Assault

Incidents of sexual assault continue to be highlighted in the media. One area where the government must take clear and convincing action to stop its occurrence is in the military. Not only does it hurt the victim, but it additionally increases risk for suicide among military service members and undermines mission readiness. All military branches have made it clear that an assault on anyone is never acceptable, but more definitive action will be required before soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines feel safe within their own ranks.

Recent reports by the Department of Defense on sexual assault show the actual numbers of assaults increased in the past two years. Using scientific surveys…

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