Gulf War Syndrome

What they are suffering from is medically unexplained, but very real, we need to give it the attention it deserves - Dr. Bernard Rosof

Gulf War Syndrome

image by: Public Domain - SSGT F. Lee Corkran

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The Gulf War Syndrome: The US Government’s Conspiracy of Silence and Obstruction Against Gulf War Veterans

With only 148 Americans officially killed in action and only 467 wounded, the Gulf War seemed to be a shining victory for our military and its leaders. However, this victory has cast a long, lingering shadow. Today we know that nearly 200,000 of our Gulf service men and women are suffering from a debilitating and sometimes deadly syndrome. The suffering our military personnel have endured from Gulf War syndrome is outrageous in and of itself; however, the US government’s decades-long denial that the illness even exists has compounded the problem tremendously.

Clearly there is a sadistic irony being played out. We asked brave Americans, whether in the reserve, National Guard, or enlisted…

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