Black Market

Some people in poorer countries are compelled to sell their organs on the black market. Why not build a regulated system that compensates them fairly and ensures their safety - Shmuly Yanklowitz

Black Market

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The year was 1970 and I was bumming and thumbing my way across Europe and Asia. While overnighting in a youth hostel in Thessaloniki in northern Greece, I overheard a couple of Californian bikers discussing their intentions to sell their blood at a nearby clinic the next day. Being a little short on drachmas myself, I decided to tag along with them.

We arrived at the clinic, which was not much more than a ground floor apartment in a non-descript three story concrete building. The lab techie ushered us into one of the small rooms where we had our fingers pricked and our blood types determined. We then joined about a dozen others lined up according to our blood types against the wall…

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