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Finding Meaning In the Holidays

Given our culture’s materialistic focus, it can be a really challenging to find meaning in the holidays. We are urged to do more and spend more to make this the “perfect holiday.” The increased demands that bombard us this time of year make it particularly challenging to find time for the rituals and traditions that gives our holiday meaning, yet it is vitally important that we do so. I offer the following suggestions in the hope they will help you and your family find meaning in all of your holidays celebrations.

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 Finding Meaning In the Holidays

What do the holidays mean to you? For people of faith, this is the time of year filled with the religious significance of celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas. After all, the word “holidays” comes from “Holy Days” and originally it referred only to days of religious significance. Now, however, it has come to mean any special day of rest and relaxation or time away from work. In the same way, our “Holy Days” have become a broader, secular celebration that may mean different things to each of us.

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