Canada's motto is a mari usque ad mare (from sea to sea). In our beloved health-care system, sadly, our motto has become a mora usque ad moram (from wait to wait) - Andre Picard


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The real challenge to Canada’s health system is not wait times

Canada has some of the longest waits for medical care in the developed world. Same-day or next-day appointments with a doctor are difficult to get – and in the evening or on weekends, fuggedaboutit. Waits in the ER can be seemingly endless. Referrals to specialists result in lengthy waits. The wait for elective surgery is often painfully long.

These badges of shame are laid bare once again in a new report from the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

Worse yet, the CIHI data barely scratch the surface. The wait to see a doctor in the ER may stretch for hours, but if you need to be admitted to hospital, it can jump to days. The wait for home care services often stretches…

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Last Updated : Tuesday, December 20, 2022