Nurse Anesthetists

I have no problem working in a care team setting or as an independent anesthesia provider. If patients are our top priority, egos can’t get in the way - Candy Chapman CRNA

Nurse Anesthetists

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Journey to CRNAdom

I love being a CRNA. The journey has been long and hard. No one told me it was going to be easy. And no one told me how hard it’s going to be either. One cannot fully appreciate how difficult until being in the program.

I became a nurse because truthfully, I didn’t know what I wanted to be after high school. I have always been practical. I wanted a job that will be stable and will be able to support me and my family. Nursing did not disappoint. I always had a job and I surprisingly found that I was good at helping people and enjoyed it as well. There are so many pathways you could go into nursing and I started looking into this. I’ve worked in the intensive care unit, day surgery,…

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