The trained nurse has become one of the great blessings of humanity, taking a place beside the physician and the priest - William Osler


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Choosing Your Nurse Practitioner Specialty: 4 Things to Consider

Nurse practitioners, or NPs, rank as one of the fastest growing health-care professions. The meteoric rise in NP's is fueled in part by the world's aging population, the desire to curb rising medical costs as well as dealing with the worsening primary care physician shortage.

Thinking about becoming a nurse practitioner? "One of the pivotal decisions you must make on your path to becoming a NP is selecting your nurse practitioner specialty. From pediatrics to geriatrics and midwifery to cardiology, universities offer a wide variety of specialty programs.

Your nurse practitioner specialty selection will affect your future career so it is important to choose wisely.…

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 Choosing Your Nurse Practitioner Specialty: 4 Things to Consider

Thinking about becoming a nurse practitioner? One of the pivotal decisions you must make on your path to becoming a NP is selecting your nurse practitioner specialty.

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Nurse practitioners may diagnose and treat a wide range of acute and chronic illnesses and injuries, interpret lab results, counsel patients, develop treatment plans, as well as prescribe medication. If you think being a nurse practitioner may be the right fit for you, read the nurse practitioner articles outlined below to understand why the nurse practitioner salary isn't the only reason to attend nurse practitioner school.

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American Academy of Nurse Practioners

Whether you're just starting to consider a career as a nurse practitioner (NP), planning your education or about to begin your career, AANP provides its members a wealth of resources. From exemplary CE programs and toolkits, to a wide variety of preparation resources, AANP is here to help you get your education and career off to a wonderful start.

There are a wide variety of nursing programs available in California. Explore all of your options before you make a decision. The school that you decide on should be the one you like and that meets your needs.

Approximately 15% of all NPs have their own private practices. There are also a number of nurse-managed health centers across the US, in which all of the health care is directed and provided by Nurse Practitioners, along with other health care professionals.

A nurse practitioner degree program prepares nursing students to provide primary care to families and treat patients. Graduates of nurse practitioner degree programs might find employment in such specialized fields as pediatric, geriatric or psychiatric care. This article provides career, salary and education information for aspiring nurse practitioners.

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