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A Day in the Life of a Medical Assistant

Loretta Lyons is a certified medical assistant who works at an independently owned multi-specialty private practice, where she assists with patients ranging from children to the elderly. Her experiences won’t be exactly like yours if you pursue a career as a medical assistant, but you can probably expect to encounter many of the same tasks and challenges. She’s provided us with an account, in her own words, of what a typical day looks like for her, along with some answers to questions we suspect you were wondering about.

A Typical Day as a Medical Assistant

My day typically starts when I go in to the office. I check…

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 A Day in the Life of a Medical Assistant

Of all the research you do to gain an idea of what to expect from being a medical assistant, nothing will do a better job of filling in the day-to-day details as hearing from a current medical assistant.

Medical Assistant Network

The field means a lot to me and I am hoping to help revitalize it by giving more people an opportunity to receive jobs and more offices the ability to find qualified applicants. It really is a win-win for everyone.

Allied Health Careers

Allied Health Careers is a useful resource for medical assistants and other healthcare workers so users can search for jobs by region and keyword as well as post a resume, find a career coach and browse frequently asked questions - Source:

The medical assisting section of has thousands of medical assisting jobs across the country. Use the search feature to narrow your search by location and specialty. Upload your resume and then submit it easily online. Update your resume regularly, as many employers only look at resumes that have posted in the previous few weeks -

If you are looking for a no-frills approach to the medical assistant job search, is an easy-to-use, straight-forward site. Type in keyword, location and enter and you’re ready to find your dream job. You can also get helpful career tools and advice, and an advanced search option if you need it - Source:

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