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American Presidents
American Presidents

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What Should We Know About the President’s Health?

History is full of presidential ailments—from Abraham Lincoln’s debilitating depression to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s paralyzing polio. Dwight Eisenhower had a heart attack and a stroke while in office. John F. Kennedy was plagued by a number of conditions, including Addison’s disease, hypothyroidism, and severe back pain, none of which was publicly disclosed during his lifetime. Woodrow Wilson had a stroke so severe that his wife took over many of his routine duties. His successor, Warren Harding, had congestive heart failure and died of a heart attack two years into his presidency.

The length to which presidents have gone to hide their medical problems is captured by Grover Cleveland’s…

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 What Should We Know About the President’s Health?

Pundits and campaign operatives dissecting years of medical records would be only more fodder for political theater.

America's Presidents

App from the Smithsonian.

Roadside Presidents

Who knew a bunch of guys with powdered wigs and nuclear arsenals could be this entertaining? From the travel experts at, this road trip-ready app is a guide to Presidential landmarks like you've never seen before. Sure, there are the historical libraries and birthplaces, but also the quirky museums, obscure statues, and colorful folk art tributes to the nation's procession of Commanders in Chief. Hit the road with Roadside Presidents™ and see what's nearby, browse by city or by President, save your favorites.

5 Presidents Who Hid Their Health Issues

These Presidents didn't want the state of their health to affect the state of the nation.

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