On Call Doctors

The Uberization of heath care — accessing practitioners in an Uber-like manner — it sounds crazy. But it’s actually happening - Dr. Peter Antall

On Call Doctors

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Virtual health care is a great idea that just won’t totally work for most people

I think of myself as a healthy person. Most days, I feel okay: No aches and pains, and I’m pretty happy. I exercise and eat a lot of veggies. I’m young. I’m fine.

It’s relatively easy for me to ignore my health. But, it had been years since my last checkup, so I decided to make a few doctor’s appointments. I quickly became annoyed at the idea of going into the doctor’s office: It’s time out of my day, it’s costly even with insurance, and I felt visits were shrouded with this cloud of dread that my doctor would find something worth worrying about. Experiencing these these hurdles firsthand, it’s apparent why so many people end up ignoring their health until it becomes an emergency.


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