Concierge medicine

Concierge care is like a new country club for the rich, ... The danger is that if a large number of doctors choose to open up these types of practices, the health care system will become even more inequitable than it is today - Pete Stark

Concierge medicine

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Concierge Medicine Myths & Realities

So, why does concierge medicine continue to expand?

Myth #1: Concierge Medicine is just for the wealthy.

Reality: This is no longer true. Many forms of concierge medicine cost around $150 per month, which is the price of a package of cigarettes per day, or a daily cup of Starbuck’s Frappuccino. Dr. Garrison Bliss in Seattle, Washington offers concierge care to patients for $39 to $79 per month, based upon the age of the patient. The cost of concierge medicine depends upon the services that are offered by the individual doctor. Costs range from $1,500 per year to $15,000 per year.

Myth #2: Concierge Medicine is too expensive, because I…

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