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What We Owe our Patients—Continuous Improvement

It has been said that a surgeon’s skill and judgment account for between 80% and 90% of a patient’s outcome. (I believe this is true for both surgical and nonsurgical treatments.) Throw in a physician’s ability to listen and clearly communicate with patients, and I am sure we are approaching that 90% mark. That means that when we conduct randomized trials comparing two types of knee prostheses or fracture-fixation constructs, we are, in essence, scrutinizing only about 10% of the patient-outcome equation.

So how do we best evaluate the 90% of the outcome equation that is physician-dependent? With the advent of “bundled” episodes of care, the orthopaedic community has emphasized…

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 What We Owe our Patients—Continuous Improvement

It has been said that a surgeon’s skill and judgment account for between 80% and 90% of a patient’s outcome.


OrthoBuzz is especially curated for the orthopaedic community. This site, and each monthly e-mail, contains snippets of information from a variety of sources, with links to more in-depth descriptions, to help you stay up-to-date.

Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics

Orthopaedic References and Discussions for Physicians.


Orthobullets.com is an educational resource for orthopaedic surgeons designed to improve through the communal efforts of those who use it as a learning resource. It is a simple but powerful concept.


The mission of OrthoGate is to improve orthopedic care, education and research using Internet technologies. We facilitate access to orthopedic information for professionals and patients using the Internet and strive to improve the quality of orthopedic information and musculoskeletal health on the Internet by providing a gateway.


OrthopaedicsOne is the collaborative orthopaedic knowledge network, a repository of educational materials and a professional network for the exchange of information. OrthopaedicsOne is built on a powerful collaboration platform that lets you create and share articles, videos, and documents with your colleagues.

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Orthopedic Web Links (OWL) is the most comprehensive directory of orthopedics, orthopedic surgery, orthopedic surgeons, and trauma. We invite orthopedic surgeons, nurses, trainees, patients & allied health professionals who wish to provide an authoritative directory of orthopaedics to join OWL.

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General knowledge has its place. Specialty experience lives here.

The Young Orthopod

As a recent pass out of post graduation exams in orthopaedics, I understand how helpless a student feels due to lack of proper guidance. Topics in orthopaedics have been written in a lucid language in this blog, hence easy to understand and reproduce in the exams. This blog also strikes a balance between detailed orthopaedics topics and exam notes.

Video Journal of Orthopaedics

The Video Journal of Orthopaedics puts you in the operating room with noted surgeons from around the world. You'll discover ways to use new technology, new techniques and expand your field of knowledge. And unlike simply reading about new ideas, the VJO lets you experience the latest techniques first hand through high-quality, professionally edited digital video.

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Becker's Healthcare is the leading source of cutting-edge business and legal information for healthcare industry leaders.

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Patient, healthcare professional or researcher -- child, teen, adult or senior -- if you're visiting us to answer a question, to find information, or to participate in an activity, thank your bones and joints for bringing you here. Think about it: if the bones and joints in your body are strong and flexible, they move smoothly.

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Lower Extremity Review or LER Magazine fills the lower extremity injury information gap for lower extremity practitioners in the fields of lower limb orthotics, lower limb prosthetics, lower limb O&P, podiatry, pedorthic, lower extremity physical therapy, foot and ankle, pediatric, sports medicine, orthopedic and athletic trainer markets...


Patient information and professional educational material on shoulder pain and treatments.


Doctors Lounge is one of the most popular online medical resources for physicians, students and allied clinical professionals. It provides clinical information about orthopedics through multimedia tutorials and other study aids.

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Orthopedics Information Center from MedPage Today is the only service for physicians that provides a clinical perspective on the breaking medical news that their patients are reading.

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