Aortic Dissection Management

Aortic dissections are like snowflakes - Grayson Wheatley MD

Aortic Dissection Management
Aortic Dissection Management

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Thoracic Aortic Dissection

STEMI on ECG does not exclude concomitant aortic dissection and may be a consequence of it. Do not give thrombolytics before you have considered and reasonably excluded aortic dissection (i.e., no H&P features or CXR findings to suggest the diagnosis)...

Vasodilators should not be initiated prior to rate-controlling agents, as they may result in reflex tachycardia that serves to propagate the dissection.

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 Thoracic Aortic Dissection

Thoracic aortic dissection should be considered for every patient presenting to the emergency department with chest pain or back pain, particularly if accompanied by neurologic signs or symptoms. Uncommon and difficult to diagnose, this condition is associated with serious, often lethal, complications.

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Classic presentation: sudden onset of tearing chest pain radiating to the back, however, dissection may occur anywhere along the aorta and thus the presentation may be broad and mimic other common disorders.


Aortic dissection may occur in any location along the aorta and therefore the range of presentations is broad. Many AD patients do not fit the textbook presentation.

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Aortic dissection carries high morbidity and mortality. Although patients generally present with acute symptoms and classic signs, a subset of patients may present with syncope, GI bleeding, and neurological deficits. The clinician needs to remain vigilant for such atypical presentations.

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The most common catastrophe of the aorta (3:100,000); 3 times more common than AAA rupture •aortic dissection is a type of acute aortic syndrome characterised by blood entering the medial layer of the wall with the creation of a false lumen. •“acute aortic syndrome” (AAS) refers to a spectrum of life-threatening thoracic aortic pathologies including intramural hematoma, penetrating atherosclerotic ulcer, and aortic dissection.

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Nicardipine and Esmolol are compatible and can be given through the same IV.


The THINK AORTA campaign aims to raise awareness and improve diagnosis of Aortic Dissection worldwide.

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