AC Joint Separations

The injury is not a medical emergency, unless the clavicle is poking out through the skin or is associated with other major joint or bony fractures. An AC Joint can be treated any time, and in many cases, should be stabilised - Orthopedics 360

AC Joint Separations
AC Joint Separations

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Separation Anxiety

The most common mechanisms of injury are falls onto the shoulder directly, then the good old FOOSH (fall on outstretched hand). AC injuries can be suspected on exam if there is asymmetry at the location of the joint. In addition, point tenderness at the joint and pain on cross-arm adduction (bring the arm across the body) are both suggestive but not diagnostic. For that you’re going to need X-Rays...

Especially in fit patients, their overall muscle tone make make the inherent asymmetry caused by a tear of just one of these ligaments less obvious on conventional shoulder films. That is why you should get weighted films if you suspect an AC injury and your original X-Rays are inconclusive.…

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 Separation Anxiety

I thought I’d summarize conservative management here – which is appropriate for Type I, II and most IIIs. Ice, rest and sling for 3 weeks. Rehab with early range of motion exercises. Goals: Regain functional motion by 6 weeks and return to normal by 12 weeks. Refer to Orthopedics for any Type III and above.

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