IOP is considered one of the “eye vital signs” and should be measured in every patient with an eye complaint or in whom the clinician suspects glaucoma - Gavin Gorrell


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How to use the Reichert Tono-pen AVIA

  1. Put on the protective cover. Make sure not to make it too tight or too loose.
  2. Press the blue button once. You will hear one beep. The green light will turn on and the screen will show a series of dashed lines in the bottom right corner.  
  3. Hold the Tono-pen perpendicularly to the corneal surface. Tap gently and try to avoid wild variations in the pressure you apply between taps. For each tap that is recorded, a number will appear in the bottom right corner. You need 10 in total. The larger number is your pressure reading. The smaller number is your confidence interval. 

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