The first step in the approach to diplopia in the ED is to determine if the diplopia is monocular or binocular - Andy Rogers MD


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Don't Forget the Double Vision

Diplopia, or double vision, can be a tricky and complicated disorder. There are various forms of double vision and many etiologies, ranging from non-serious to life-threatening. I always felt a little confused and unsure of how to approach someone with Diplopia. So here goes my step-wise approach to optimize the care of a patient with non-traumatic diplopia.

Step 1: Is this Monocular or Binocular? This is the most important initial question, as it distinguishes whether the problem stems from the brain or the eye.

Monocular diplopia is almost always eye related and not life-threatening. Binocular diplopia is brain-related and should therefore raise some alarms. Monocular…

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