Everything that works to make you a really great doctor also works to make you a really bad addict - Dr. Timothy Huckaby


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Pee in This Cup, Doc: Random Drug Tests Should Be Standard for Physicians

We hold our physicians to high standards because they make life-or-death decisions. Yet when it comes to drug addiction, their behavior can be disturbing. Their overall rates of substance abuse are roughly on par with the rest of the population, at about 10 percent. For prescription drugs, abuse rates for doctors in several specialties are estimated to be even higher—not surprising given their access to addictive medications.

One doctor, who cared for patients while surreptitiously taking large doses of prescription narcotics, wrote in the Contra Costa Times that “I held patients' lives in my hands when I practiced medicine while high on narcotic drugs for 3½ years. I made errors.”…

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 Pee in This Cup, Doc: Random Drug Tests Should Be Standard for Physicians

Enough physicians have substance abuse problems to make random drug testing a needed part of medical practice.

Disrupted Physician

The physician wellness movement and illegitimate authority: The eeed for revolt and reconstruction.

Physician Health Program

Physician health programs refer addicted doctors to some of the nation’s most respected drug treatment centers, many of which offer specialized abstinence-based programs for addicted professionals and staff who are experienced in treating health care providers

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